Presentation Options

I am a Jewish convert. I owe my life to the Savior and obey the personal revelation I receive, which is to help others of the Jewish faith accept Jesus as the Mashiach, the God of Israel. As part of this direction, I speak to Latter-day Saint audiences to help them understand Jewish customs, religion and the difficulties of conversion.

Numerous stake and ward Priesthood leaders and others have commented that the talk made them appreciate the scriptures more, appreciate the Gospel and love the Savior more, and strengthen testimonies. We know of a few decisions to be baptised resulting directly from the talks. How many became more dedicated to the Gospel?

I can give a variety of presentations. Choose a fireside or a combination of events:

A fireside for a ward, stake, LDS Institute, single adults. Most of my talks have been to some combination of stake or Stake Single Adults. A recent one was a keynote speech to a multi-stake single adult conferance. An inspirational talk consisting of my conversion experience, my testimony, difficulties involved with a Jew accepting Christ, and religious and cultural connections between Judaism and Mormonism.
An inspirational Relief Society conference keynote. Renewed in Mother Eve.
A presentation to a seminary or LDS Institute class. This can be on various topics. I can speak on the Old Testament and its importance to us, about how the Savior saved my life, about religious connections between Judaism and Mormonism, and other spiritually motivating topics.
A Passover seder description. I talk about the symbology and significance of the Passover to the Saints, in addition to a seder meal demonstration.
A presentation to missionaries. I spoke in 2003 to the Colorado Springs mission. The format was the monthly Friday night mission conference; I described the barriers I faced as a Jew in my conversion, information about conversing with Jews to establish rapport, relevant facts and scriptures, connections between Judaism and Mormonism, and my testimony. All in attendance received a copy of my informal Guide to Understanding Our Jewish Brethren, predesssor to the now published Mormon's Guide to Judaism. Mission President Hymas gave me a letter of appreciation. Click here for letter in PDF format.
A Saturday workshop of information about similarities and differences between Mormonism and Judaism; information that helps listeners to undestand the culture and traditions of their Jewish friends and how to share that information.

I can give more than one format in a grand weekend for you. Recent examples:
  • A missionary presentation on a Friday night, then a conversion/testimony multi-stake fireside the next night.

  • A Passover seder demonstration to the Relief Society on Friday night, then a two-hour workshop Saturday, and finally a conversion/testimony stake fireside Sunday night.
To schedule a presentation, e-mail me.