Setting Up a Fireside Program

  1. Flyer: We have a template for a 1/2 page flyer that's been very successful. We will make this flyer for you and send it to you for reproduction and distribution. Please distribute it to the ward members about three Sundays prior to the fireside.

  2. Bulletins: Please get the fireside announcement into the ward bulletin(s) or singles announcements, well in advance of the fireside. Please use my published name (Marlena Tanya Muchnick).

  3. Singer: A singer (or duet) is needed for Into His Rest. A soprano or alto is best.

  4. Pianist: In addition to accompanying the opening song, the pianist is required to accompany the singer with Into His Rest.

    Most important: give us the names and phone numbers of the pianist and singer as early as possible. We need to get the sheet music to them.

  5. Insure that there are rehearsals. The pianist must rehearse Into His Rest with the singer.

    * I read Song of the Christ - A Spoken Psalm with recorded background piano. It enhances the spiritual feeling.

  6. The program. The hosting ward makes the program.

    We have a very sucessful program template that will help attendees remember the occasion well. It will have the words of the Spoken Psalm on the back so they can follow while I say it, for more impact. Please work with us; please don't just do a plain jane program!!

  7. The introduction. I will send you the introduction. Please use it.