So You'd Like to Set Up a Fireside...

This page is about ideas to get a fireside going within a ward.

Sometimes we suggest a fireside to a ward leader, and it just doesn't happen.

It's completely understandable. Everyone is busy and has priorities. Ward and stake leaders have many, many basic things they MUST look out for, week after week, meeting after meeting. They have particular concern for youth as well as the basic functioning of the ward.

What can you do, then?

We suggest you try getting permission, taking on the project of setting it up yourself (with interested helpers) if you get permission. Work within the approval of the leaders, but don't wait for them to do it.

  1. Get permission from the bishop to put on the fireside. Tell him you will do the work, the organizing; you just need permission.

  2. Work out a good date with the bishop then book a building or a home. (Buildings are booked online now. The HP, EQ, or RS secretary may be able to handle this for you.)

  3. Get a singer and start advertising. Please see our Fireside Setup suggestions.
You won't be disappointed.