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A Mormon's Guide to Judaism

For anyone who wants to know more about Judaism, including the Jewish people! Helps you understand Jewish ways, ideas and some significant linguistic principles of the Hebrew language. You will be better prepared to fellowship the Jewish mind and spirit and to converse with Jews with appropriate, insightful and timely information.
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People of The Book
(Am Ha Sefer Torah)

An incisive portrait of one man's struggle with his secularism against undeniable spiritual revelation.
People of The Book is a lesson in love!
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An audio CD of People of the Book is listed on the Music, Recordings page.

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Mashiach of Brodskii Street: Terror in Berdichev, 1941

Historical fiction novel about the Holocaust in the town of Berdichev, Ukraine during 1941-1942. .

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Notes of a Jewish Convert
to the LDS Church:
Conversion of a Soul

A record of my spiritual quest from a respected faith that didn't have enough answers and over a dark part of my life, through a period of intense study, to a releasing of my soul and deep love of the Messiah. Two thousand copies, in several countries, have helped many others love Him more.

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Songs In the Spirit

A collection of essays (with Renewed in Mother Eve), Latter-day Psalms, Voices Through The Veil, and music that I use in my firesides. It includes the stories Anythingspossible Penguin and Voices Beyond the Veil.

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Adventures With the Angels of Love

This short novel is a fascinating saga of spiritual growth through faith and persistence. The Christian theme of "Adventures With the Angels of Love" will teach and edify those of any Christian faith who read it.

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Old Testament Lesson Supplements - Plus

48 Lesson Supplements plus 14 Relevant Articles, on CD

Very detailed explanations of adult Sunday School Class Member Study Guide with Jewish history emphasis. Original research by Marlena. Buy for yourself and your Sunday School teachers.   $7.00.