What They Have Said About the Message

Written to the organizer: "Our nephew... has been inactive in the church for several years. ... has long been fascinated with all things Israel; heís even studied Hebrew while in college... we invited him to come with us last night. He really enjoyed it and was very touched. ... this was a great opportunity for him to be inside the chapel and feel of the spirit. The music was perfect. Iím sure you and others put a great deal of time, thought, and prayer into putting the program together and just wanted you to know itís appreciated. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. "
Karen, Auburn CA.

"Your story and words touched me deeply. I felt the spirit very strongly. In Sunday School, earlier in the day, we learned about the literal gathering of Israel. How profound that I found myself hearing your story later that night. I learned so much and really feel that kinship now, to all of the tribes. I never really grasped that until yesterday. Thank you again for helping me remember what Christ has done for all of us and what a precious gift we have to share with all. "
Scott Mowrer, Bellevue So, WA.

"Really strengthened testimonies. People who have been in the Church a long time take their testimonies for granted. Amazing to see how hard some have to work for their testimonies."
Bishop Buy, Holladay UT.

"It really struck me what she said about hearing the same voice in the D&C as what she had heard in the Old Testament, the Torah."
Lynn Hilton, Salt Lake City UT.

"Your story is spiritual, insightful and sacred. Your delivery was masterful with your touch of humor and your faith in the Lord. "
Nancy Goldberg, Salt Lake City UT.

"I thrilled at the testimony and the information you gave us that helped us appreciate what we have and helped us understand better."
Kent, WA.

"This was the best SA fireside we've had here."
Jim Bateman, HC in charge of SA, Mt Vernon WA, Doug Dobbins, stake exec sec.

"Two less actives came back to church; one who was investigating Judaism came back."
Missionary, 8/29/04

"This is the strongest I have felt the Spirit in a fireside in 30 years."
Bro Smart 3/28/04

"Just like a General Conference, people don't want to leave the spirit felt there."
Patriarch Goldberg 3/28/04

"I thoroughly enjoyed the spirit you carry, learned much, and now have a strong desire to learn more. The missionaries enjoyed it; I have received many favorable comments."
Colorado Springs Mission President Hymas 8/22/03

Reaffirmation of statement made in 2001: We had just been talking about how the stake seemed to be operating at the Aaronic Priesthood level, and then this fireside lifted us.
Fountain Stake Pres Larry Lewis 8/23/03 (Colo Springs)

"This feels like the second sacrament I've had today. " Statement after the conclusion and the Song of The Christ, A Spoken Psalm,
Bellevue Washington 1/19/03

"Many people were very touched by it. I certainly enjoyed hearing your story again. You have such a gift of expression. I love your sense of humor, and your testimony inspires us. Thank you for inviting Kim, too. The music made it complete."
PL, Lynnwood Washington, May 5, 2002
Note: a young woman was converted largely due to the testimony of the previous fireside at the same location. She had taken the challenge to have undistracted study, fasting and prayer.
"I felt the spirit more at this fireside than I have felt for years."
attendee, Vancouver WA multi-stake 4/23/2002

"The questions you related that were on your mind as a Jew were exactly the same ones I had as a Jew. And I, too, was strongly moved by the Lord speaking, the restored covenants, and the problems and solutions in the Doctrine and Covenants."
Jewish Convert at B'nai Shalom, Salt Lake City, 4/4/02

"Thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much for your testimony. Thank you so much for bringing her."
some four dozen attendees at B'nai Shalom.

"Of all the firesides I've seen, this was the most moving by far."
ex-bishop, Nanaimo 3/23/02

"I have never been so drawn to what the speaker was saying."
senior gentleman, Nanaimo 3/23/02

"Many were inspired, uplifted, faith invigorated. They didn't want to leave. The ending music brightened hearts. Droves of attendees including some less actives were full of glowing comments too many to quote here, many approached the speaker afterwards with some in tears."
DB, Seattle, 11/19/01

"I felt a spirit of testimony I hadn't felt in a long time... I noticed the eyes of all in the audience were glued to Marlena as she spoke. The Holy Ghost testified to us of her love for the Savior and his marvelous works among the Jews. ... a wonderful speaker. Her testimony was magnificent. We were so grateful to have her speak to us. We will all remember it for a long time... We urge her to return again."
R. Larry Williams, Fountain Colorado Stake Mission President 8/01

"This speaker was incredible... She is erudite, her message is most compelling. I urge all stakes to invite Marlena to speak to their congregations and to their missionaries about her conversion from a Jew to an LDS woman, with a passionate testimony of Jesus Christ."
LP, former bishop, Colorado Springs 8/01

"I was thrilled with this speaker to the bottom of my soles and soul!"
H. Stewart, High Council, Fountain 3rd Ward, Colorado Springs

"I especially loved Marlena's "Song of the Christ, A Spoken Psalm", and "Into His Rest", which followed her marvelous soul-stirring talk to us. She is very talented and a passionate Jewish convert with a message of urgent necessity for all Latter-day Saints and Jews. I was deeply inspired by her message."
C. Yaney

"...great conviction and deep testimony... deserves to be on every LDS speaking circuit, as her conversion message will touch deeply every heart."
V.R., Seattle

"Wow! This is the best fireside I have ever attended. Sister Muchnick is one powerful speaker and her message is needed in our world now more than ever."
L. Anderson, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Marlena Muchnick gave a marvelous and moving fireside in our ward and we were all so moved that we gave her a formal invitation to return here anytime she desires, all expenses paid."
Bishop Peterson, Mountain View Third Ward, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I have attended my ward for over 25 years and have never observed a speaker who held the audience's total attention like Marlena did last night. Some people were reduced to tears. The Spirit was so thick you would have thought we were in the celestial room of the temple. When the meeting was over the people lingered around and wanted to visit and talk about what they had heard and witnessed. We had 250-plus people in attendance, including a special Jewish guest.

I had numerus friends, and people whom I didn't know, approach me and wanted to talk about Marlena. Last night before I slipped off to sleep I was savoring the thoughts of that very speicial event. I don't know how those investigators could help but feel the sweet Spirit of the Lord that was present."
Rav David Robins, Fountain Colorado Stake fireside, Aug 19 2001

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