Schedule me to present a fireside to a ward, stake or multi-stake, Single Adult, LDS Institute, YSA, or Relief Society conference.

I am a Jewish convert. I owe my life to the Savior and obey the personal revelation I receive, which is to help others of the Jewish faith accept Jesus as the Mashiach, the God of Israel.

As part of this direction, I speak to Latter-day Saint audiences to help them understand Jewish customs, religion, and the difficulties of conversion as part of my conversion story. Click here for audio about my purpose or here for a statement about Judaica.

The more you understand about Judaism, the more you will appreciate the Book of Mormon and the restoration. Realize and appreciate what you have in the fullness of the Gospel.

My testimony fireside will tell of:
  • My upbringing in Conservative Judaism which delayed for nine years my acceptance of Christianity.
  • My overwhelming feeling that something was missing in the traditions I grew up with. This led to a realization that Judaism contains no saving ordinances.
  • The growing despair that brought me to deeply desire personal guidance through prayer and God's love.
  • My five months of secluded studying LDS and Hebrew scriptures with fasting and prayer, which brought me an angelic confirmation and a passionate testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ.
  • My deep love for the Savior to whom I dedicate my life and mission.
  • LDS/Judaic connections: similarities and differences; Hebrew roots of the restored church.
My talks increase our appreciation of the Restoration, reinforce our faith in Christ and enhance our appreciation for the comfort and guidance of the Holy Ghost.

You will have a greater understanding of those being held back by life-long non-LDS traditions.

Understanding helps us have confidence in opening communication with Jewish friends and others.
I compare Judaism with LDS beliefs, and provide information on request for further study of Judaism or the linkage to the restoration, latter-day scriptures and other significances.

My story, my talks carry deeper messages. The more you know of this people - their spiritual understandings, ways, and attitudes - the more helpful you will be as bridges between faiths. You must be the embassadors to the fullness of the Gospel. Learn of essential differences and similarities between Jews and true Christians. We are all of the tribes of Israel, recipients of the Abrahamic Covenant. We are brethren, Joseph and Judah.

The fireside is organized in a package with beautiful Hebrew music as a prelude and concludes with my own compositions. I have written music to go with any program. Words: Spoken Psalm and Into His Rest. Audio Sample here.

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