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Garden Lullaby

A beautiful, intimate lullaby of the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane.

This has been beautifully performed by a soprano. Not available for choral.

Listen to the song, link to lyrics.

Music for purchase $4.95 
Into His Rest

A touching song of rebelliousness, repentance, and peace. Every singer who has sung "Into His Rest" at the firesides, and every audience who has heard it - has been moved deeply.

Best sung with alto or baritone, but has been beautifully performed by a soprano. Not available for choral.

Beautiful 2015 recording (full song), link to lyrics

Into His Rest: $4.95 
Song of The Christ: A Spoken Psalm

This inspired combination of words and piano leaves the audience with a remarkable feeling of peace and spiritual wellness. It would serve well before the closing prayer of a Singles dance as well as part of many church programs.

It consists of the words, spoken in a reverent manner, while the beautiful piano arrangement is played.

Music for purchase $4.95 
Audio Cassette Tape - Fireside talk:
A Jewish Convert's Testimony
Given to a packed audience at Seattle North Stake, the talk was a return engagement that uplifted all, strengthened the testimony of all including less actives, and left tears.

My "Song of the Christ: Spoken Psalm" and the beautiful "Into His Rest" are recorded at the end.
People of The Book - Audio

An enchanting, penetrating and incisive portrait of one man's struggle with his secularism against undeniable spiritual revelation. People of The Book is a lesson in love! More....

Set of two 100-minute audio cassettes $9.95
Set of four audio CDs: $14.95
Fireside DVD The Testimony of a Jew: Judah and Joseph (LDS) Connections. This is a DVD recording of a fireside talk given a to a large audience in the Bellevue South stake center, Bellevue Washington in March 2009.

Songs: Song of The Christ: A Spoken Psalm and Into His Rest. Use DVD in lieu of my personal appearance.
DVD, $5.00