Life Changing Testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ

A unique adventure awaits the reader of this volume. Marlena Muchnick has sought out and brought together an assemblage of those whose love of their Savior is the primary motivation force in their lives. 

Within these thirteen uplifting stories of spiritual affirmation you will find enlightenment on many subjects-faith, love, trust, the joy that brings God to our lives, personal growth, the progression and transformation of a soul, happiness, sacrifice, repentance, prophecy, trial and reward. Herein are life-saving testimonies of faith in Christ.  Church affiliation was of secondary importance to this collection. The contributors speak to the human spirit of God's great bounty.

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The first chapters contain special information about the Jewish environment of Christ's mission and other valuable insights.

Monique, Beeville TX "Life Changing Testimonies: I love it. It has really inspired me as well as given me some insight into Christ life as a Jew. A lot of wonderful feelings have come to me and I finally feel my prayers are reaching to the Holy Courts on high. "

Click here for extracts of Marlena's testimony. Below are other extracts from the book:

"I don't remember what time of night it was when I went out but I was desperate. I went to the home of a priest... I told him 'Please, I need to go inside the church. I need to pray.' "
(Susan's Story)

"I knew what these young missionaries were telling me was correct. There was no way I could deny it... I felt the presence of Christ.  I knew it was him because of the love... that just literally flowed through me... I knelt there and cried because it was true" (Gloria's Story)

     "... one of my daughters was going astray a little bit.  She was just making some wrong choices... I said 'It has always been my aim... to try to make it possible that all nine of us would live together in the eternities in the celestial kingdom... the way you are going, there will be only eight of us.'  Oh, what a difference that made in her life.  She changed." (Chuck's Story)

     "I worship God in prayer, both personally and in church and also in the way that I live my life and in the way that I serve Him.  I am always thanking my Heavenly Father for the way He blesses me.  I hope my life will be like a fragrance, as in the Old Testament, when there was incense that went into Heaven." (Sylvia's Story)

     "The night before my son died he knew he was going to die... For about two months after the funeral I couldn't work... couldn't do anything.  All of a sudden I saw my son standing at the foot of my bed... I grabbed my wife but she couldn't see him... My son says 'Dad, quit worrying about me.  I'm doing what I always wanted to do and I'm happy and I feel good... ' I could see him plain as day. I knew that he was alive." (John's Story)

     "It was always my choice about getting off cocaine... There's many different addictions that we get to try to fulfill this internal desire... mine was sex and drugs... I wanted companionship... understanding... compassion.  All of these things I get from the members of the Church.  We are here to learn... We need to work hard on the spiritual needs." (Dana's Story)

     "When I was young... I lived a terrible life but at the same time I tried to live as a Christian... and as a follower of the Savior... I just lived a double standard... One day the bishop called me in his office and with tears in his eyes... asked me if anything was wrong.  I knew right then I had to make a decision to change." (Fred's Story)