Notes of a Jewish Convert to the LDS Church: Conversion of a Soul

My spiritual quest from a respected faith without enough answers, through a period of intense study, to the Messiah.

Songs in the Spirit

A collection of spirit-filled essays, inspiring short stories and poems.

It includes two of my songs: Renewed in Mother Eve, a Latter-day Psalm, and fireside music.

Stories: Anything's Possible Penguin and Voices Beyond the Veil.

Mashiach of Brodskii Street: Terror in Berdichev, 1941

A Historical fiction about the Holocaust in the town of Berdichev, Ukraine during 1941-1942.

This book is a tribute to the victims of the mass murder of Berdichev's Jews, Gypsies and other unfortunates.

Appendices provide thumbnail history of relevant political movements and their leaders, a history of the area, maps, and an extensive Holocaust timeline.

People of The Book (Am Ha Sefer Torah)

An incisive portrait of one man′s struggle with his secularism against undeniable spiritual revelation. People of The Book is a lesson in love!

"I'd never looked at the painting like that. I could feel his deep love of the Jew praying, and his conflicts."

A Mormon's Guide to Judaism

To understand Jewish ways, ideas and some significant linguistic principles of Hebrew.