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People of The Book (Am Ha-Sefer Torah)

What if you found you could not live without the last person you ever wanted to love?

WHEN YESOD THE ORTHODOX JEW first gazes upon the figure of a man earnestly praying in a garden bower; he sees only a dusty portrait of a misbegotten soul from biblical times in communion with God. But the strength and intensity of the stranger's countenance enthralls Yesod.

Then he learns the figure is that of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. After struggling with his shame and shock he recognizes a deep kinship with Jesus. While studying ancient Hebrew texts in his room, a holy visitation brings him testimony that Jesus is the Messiah of mankind. Yesod faces expulsion from family and synagogue. His situation is worsened when his fiancée demands that he give up this "competing" love.

Torn between his commitment to the Jewish community, his dear family and deep love for Sophia, Yesod the Jew is faced with overwhelming decisions that force him to search his soul.
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