Messianic Sites

There are many messianic Jewish sites to explore. The below links will get you started on an interesting exploration.
Society for Advancement of Nazarene Judaism. Offers tapes, books, online newsletters about aspects of Judaism, discussions on Hebrew roots, history of the Nazarene sect, study of Judaic law, International Nazarene directory, Lost tribes of Israel.
Books, magazines, jewelry, etc. Messianic Judaism is a modern movement with an ancient past. All the first followers of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah were Messianic Jews. In recent years, more and more Jewish people are believing that the Messiah has come. At the same time, more and more Christians are exploring the Jewish roots of their faith.

Lederer/Messianic Jewish Communications has a two-pronged purpose -- reaching Jewish people with the message of the Messiah, and teaching Christians about the Jewish background to the New Testament. This site has links to publishers, gifts, ministries, other benefits.
Formed with the main objective of promoting ties between the people of two countries at the level of youth, academicians, cultural leaders, scientists, businessmen and agriculturist.

We firmly believe that productive ties are possible only if people interact at their own level. Diplomatic efforts made by the Government will only bear fruit only if they will be supported by citizens of the nations. Hence our effort are in that direction.

This site has links to Israeli and India URLs and photo tours. There are strong ties to India.