Judaica and Jewish-related Educational Institutions

Yivo Institute for Jewish Research. Specifically the Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Anti-Semitism. This website comprises online databases containing about 30,000 items. New material is added on a regular basis. The databases on anti-semitism which share a common structure and thesaurus are:
Shamish Network, a portal of Jewish info with links to http://www.hebrewcollege.edu/ and http://www.myjewishlearning.com/. Shamash: The Jewish Network, strives to be the highest quality central point of Jewish information and discussion on the Internet. Our mission is to provide a broad array of state-of-the-art education and community building resources to Jewish organizations and individuals for the benefit of the Jewish community. Includes voluminous information. Shamash's Jewish Link Database , Jewish Resources on the Internet, 50 Year Yahrzeit Calendar,

Jewish FAQ. The S.C.J FAQ and Reading Lists were initially developed to support the readers of the USENETnewsgroupsoc.culture.jewish by providing answers to some commonly answered questions, as well as a set of reference reading. Since they were developed in 1993, the Internet has seen astounding change and growth. They now serve as a resource to the larger community, providing information about Judaism from all Jewish movements in a non-pejorative fashion.
The Miriam Weiner Roots to Roots Foundation. Also a genealogical site. This organization has the following goals: Survey, study, research, inventory and document Jewish material, archives and Judaica in Eastern European archives, foster and promote the study and preservation of Jewish genealogical material, assemble, catalogue, publish and disseminate information from research and study of Jewish materials, compile, maintain and update library and/or archive of collections of Jewish historical, cultural and genealogical information, sponsor educational lectures and seminars. Miriam Wiener visits the Ukraine on commission to research Jewish family Holocaust victims.
Eastern European Heritage. Heritage Films will reconnect you to the places and people you, your parents or grandparents left behind. Whether you want to see those locations yourself, or pass their memory to future generations, in person or through the eyes of the camera. Heritage provides the tools enabling you to recapture the Eastern European heritage of your family. Has links to 36 countries. Has useful links to Holocaust and other museums relevant to the Jewish experience.
Shamash's Jewish Link Database
Jewish Resources on the Internet
50 Year Yahrzeit Calendar

Israel Museum: Jerusalem
An excellent, very comprehensive site about Jewish Heritage in Central and Eastern Europe. Includes maps, histories, food, books, and much more.
An incredible Jewish portal, gateway to... anything!
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