Jewish Holidays and Festivals

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The Feast of First Fruits, Shavuot

Lev 23:10-14

NOTE: This is entirely an LDS view of this feast.
  • Gift of the Holy Ghost the resurrection of the seed. Shavuot
  • Festival for land fertility

  • Harvest of wheat, barley

  • Resurrection of Christ, the First Fruits
Pentecost, symbol of the gift of Holy Ghost in which the remnant is fed. See Acts 2 for a description of Pentecost, which occurred on Shavuot. Lev. 23:10 is where we find the commandment to make a yearly celebration for six of the seven feasts of Israel. It is a festival for fertility of the land when crops are resurrected and the ground made new. It was a memorable time because of the earthquakes and resurrection of the many dead, see Matt 27:53-54. In this celebration the time is for resurrection of believers, crops, the spring crop of barley which the priest used to wave over his head (See Psalms 1). Latter-day Saints know that Jesus is the First Fruits and we faithful Saints are the second.

The Feast of Shavuot is also associated with this time. It is known in the New Testament as Pentecost, a day where there was a great manifestation of the Holy Ghost and 3,000 Hebrew souls rose from the dead. Jews begin a seven week set of rituals represented by harvesting wheat and barley.

Following the Restoration of the Gospel, on Shavuot, April 3, 1836, the Lord appeared in vision to the Prophet Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland temple. Moses, Elias and Elijah also appeared. They committed to Joseph and Oliver the keys of the gathering of Israel from the four parts of the earth, the leading of the ten tribal families from the north, the administering of the keys of the Avrahamic dispensation, and the keys of sealing powers. (D&C 110:3-4,7).

When our Savior rose from the grave he also raised many dead. He made an offering to Heavenly Father on that feast day. He had an appointment to keep, he died in only 6 hours, was buried on Feast of Unleavened Bread day and rose the next, the First Fruits of they who will live forever. The 3,000 saved Jewish souls who rose with him were an offering to Heavenly Father..
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