Holocause and Anti-semitism

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General history of the holocaust
General history of the holocaust
The site for daily news, opinion, and advocacy on Jews and human rights in the former Soviet Union--a project of UCSJ: Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union. Includes weekly electronic newsletter, neo-nazi movements in Eastern bloc countries, annual reports, opportunities to learn about and aid the movement for human rights recognition in Soviet countries.

The Vidal Sassoon International Center (SICSA) was established in 1982 as an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to an independent, non-political approach to the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge necessary for understanding the phenomenon of antisemitism. The Center engages in research on antisemitism throughout the ages, focusing on relations between Jews and non-Jews, particularly in situations of tension and crisis. Monographs and abstracts on anti-semitism among many races, an A-Z glossary of anti-semitic terms and other terms related to Jewish life, Christianity and many other relevant and current issues