You may say you have been oppressed and persecuted - that has been your power! You have been hammered into very fine steel, and that is why you have never been broken.
David Lloyd George, British House of Parliament 1925

About this Website

I grew up a Russian Jewish woman in Los Angeles in the 1950ís and 60ís. I was confirmed and studied the religion of Judaism assiduously. I have always wanted to make the knowledge I gained available to others for their personal edification, as an aid in the vast information available to the researching of Occidental cultures, as a missionary tool to foster understanding between Jew and Gentile, and as a very good way of reacquainting oneself with Judaism after straying from it!

These attendant links contain volumes of information about all aspects of Judaism, Israel, and countries of the former Soviet Union.

We welcome any comments and technical or research information that will add to this website, including recommended links. Please peruse and enjoy the gathering of information listed here.

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